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Connections Plus
About Connections Plus

Connections Plus Australia (formerly Respite Care Bega Valley) have been operating in the Bega Valley Shire since 1992. Connections Plus Australia primarily link children and adults with a disability into a program allowing the primary carer (usually the family) to have a short break, and the person with the disability to enjoy new experiences and broaden their social sphere. 

The service grew out of a gathering of parents who were concerned about the needs of their children with a disability. From a small group of committed volunteers who cared for children with disabilities in their own home, Connections Plus Australia Inc. has grown into an organisation committed to providing a well-earned break to carers. Connections Plus are an NDIS registered service provider with competitive rates. 

Connections Plus covers the Bega Valley Shire and beyond, including the Monaro, Southern Highlands and across the Victorian border to East Gippsland.

We have the capacity to provide any type of care for any needs, whether that be someone with a disability, aged care, or care arranged through other service providers or government services.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
How does the service operate? How do I receive respite? What is a Respite Care Plan? What if I'm not happy with the Service?